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Debbie goes the extra mile and will have a Meet & Greet with the family to get to know you and what you need her to do. You will have confidence knowing your Pets are in capable loving hands while you are away. 

Have you missed taking Vacations because you don’t want to put your dogs in a kennel, or you have chickens and can’t find anyone you can TRUST to care for them?
Do you work long hours and you need someone to drop in and check on your Dog, maybe take him for a quick walk?
Are you a Horse owner and you can’t find someone that understands your horse needs to be kept on a very specific schedule?
Finding a reliable Pet Sitter is just as difficult and probably much harder to finding the right babysitter for two legged children because not everyone will love your Pets like you do. They’re not just Pets, but your Family Members but with more fur and a few quirks. Being able to leave town knowing your Fur Children will be on their normal schedules and routines gives you a sense of peace without the guilt being away having fun.
Finding a real solution to care for your pets you can afford is like winning the lottery. Debbie’s Pet Service is a reliable, consistent caregiver of your extended family members.
Have you ever got stuck at work late and you just can’t leave the office to run home and let out your dog? It has happened to all of us and that’s when you call Debbie.
Do your pets have special needs such as requiring oral medicine, or injections? Is your Pet elderly and needs to be let out more often for bathroom breaks?
Debbie is a longtime member of Pet Sitters Associates. She is also certified by Pet Health Academy for first aid and CPR.
Debbie’s Pet Service offers Professional Pet Sitting for Exotic Pets, Horses, Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits, Dogs and Cats in Pensacola, Florida and the Lillian Alabama area.


What’s included:

  • Standard Pet Visits | 30 minutes
  • Overnight Pet Sitting | 10-12 hours
  • Drop In Visits
  • Play time
  • Vet Taxi Service
  • Dog Walking | 30 minutes
  • Daily Pictures and Updates via Text
Also included:
  • Fresh Food & Water
  • Cleaning Feeding Dishes
  • Changing litter box and cages
  • Poop Scooping the yard
  • Brushing
  • Hair ball pick ups
  • Loving & Play time
  • Adjusting Household lights and curtains
  • Mail and Newspaper pick up
  • Plants watered


Debbie’s Pet Service understands how important keeping your pets on a regular schedule is, especially temperamental horses as well as the potential consequences when schedules aren’t kept. Horses can be more of a challenge. Do you have a high maintenance horse? If you have a tricky horse that gets spooked out by strangers, have no fear.

Debbie Gowans is a former professional horse trainer that have many years of experience taking care of the most persnickety horses. Debbie also showed horses, so she understands and communicates well with pampered and demanding horses.
What’s Included:
  • Grooming
  • Feeding hay, grain and supplements
  • cleaning water buckets
  • Blanketing and bandaging
  • Stall cleaning and turn out
  • Administering medicines
  • Light exercise
  • Checking stalls, gates and fences
  • Daily Pictures and Updates via Text
Rates available after “Meet & Greet.”


What’s Included:

  • Feeding 
  • Cleaning water
  • Collecting eggs
  • Cleaning out cage for debris
  • Turning on heat lamps if needed
  • Fending off predators
  • Caring for a sick or injured chicken
  • Daily Pictures and Updates via Text

Debbie is a member of Pet Sitters Associates
and is certified by Pet Health Academy for first aid and CPR.

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